Could you be happier?

Does life overwhelm you?

Are you fed up of being in constant pain?

The Feel Good centre is a place where you can learn to be happier, where you can learn to cope better with life. A place where your pain can be addressed without the use of medication. Its a place where you can begin to feel good about yourself, by increasing your well-being.

For you your well-being could be about simply looking good on the outside, or it might be about feeling good spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. Maybe you can achieve better well-being on your own, but if you need help, then call Shehnaz on 01775 640788/0771075677

With academic skills in applied positive psychology, training in,
energy work, bodywork and the beauty world, this is a
one-stop shop for all your well-being needs.

Shehnaz Dungarwalla: MSc Positive Psychology,  NCFE Counselling Skills,  CST Craniosacral Therapy, V1 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Dip Colour Healing (Chromatherapy) , Reiki Master, C.I.B.T.A.C Aesthetics, AOR Reflexology, I.H.H.T Aromatherapy, A.M.C.S.T Spinal Therapy.

Psychological Services for Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Using Martin Seligman’s concept of Applied Positive Psychology the centre offers you a chance at meeting life’s challenges and using John Upledger’s somato emotional release, helps you let go of negative emotional patterns that hold you back from being all you can be.

Bodywork Therapies for Physical Well-Being
If you are in pain, bodywork at the centre offers you a real way of overcoming that pain. If you are  stressed, relaxation can be real, with hands that deliver healing energy, providing escape that’s not just during the session but also beyond.
Complementary Therapies for Spiritual Well-Being

For those of you already in touch with your spiritual well-being the complementary therapy will be a treat and for those of you searching for that inner calm, chromatherapy, Reiki, and Yoga therapy may be the support that you need for your journey.

Beauty Services For Aesthetic Well-Being

Also available at the centre are a range of beauty treatments including a luxury facial that takes the concept of well-being through to cosmetic preparations that make use of 100% undiluted essential oils in natural organic bases, with zero preservatives. A variety of hair removal techniques are available and include threading, as another service.

The luxury hot stones treatment, offers a warming, soothing and relaxing break for both muscles and mind. 

Nail Services just because, they make you feel good.

We often talk with and express ourselves, with our hands, so having them look good, can be really important to some of us, and why not?

So the centre considers that if this is important to you then its important to us. The aim of the centre is to bring products to you, that reflect care for your health over time. For this reason, it continues to source  organic, vegan and natural products that mirror this ultimate aim. Your well-being is central our approach.

Services that just let you express your individuality

For Henna Art, green Henna is sourced from the  state of Rajasthan in India, blended in house, with oils and spices to draw out the best stains possible.  Wear a beautiful shoulder or ankle tattoo on a night out, or white Henna gloves for your wedding (non-natural products used in white  Henna) and enjoy the sensation of feeling different. Be different, and feel unique in a positive way, The beautiful patterns are representative of joy and happiness and this eastern service is available here.

The Feel Good Centre has over 

25 years of training & experience  under one roof.