Why choose The Feel Good Centre? 

If you are you suffering pain If you are you in emotional turmoil. If you are anxious or in need of calm. If you are looking for ways to enhance your appearance, without turning to cosmetic surgery, expensive creams or painful machine treatments, then choose the Feel Good Centre. Consultations are free, so book in now.

Shehnaz is the owner and lead therapist at The Feel Good Centre bringing 25 years of experience that cover a multitude of disciplines that include beauty therapy, physical and psychological well-being skills. All of this experience and skill sits under one roof at the centre providing the potential to help hundreds of persistent chronic pain conditions, acute injuries and other issues towards better health.

If you want to look like the best version of you that you can, then the centre  offers bespoke facials, that have massage and essential oils at their core. These are purely manual treatments, where oil blends are made on the spot, catered to your needs on the day. Reiki accompanies this treatment to promote a powerful sense of blissful calm. The essential oils that are used are 100% pure, organic and of therapeutic grade, sourced from Egypt as well as other places around the world. These oils are renowned for the power they have in preserving youth, building strong immunity, combating muscular and joint pain, as well as promoting well-being by encouraging emotional stability. With the help of a number of remedial techniques and use of hot stones; massage takes on a wholly therapeutic quality, for deep relaxation and muscular release. 

In choosing the Feel Good Centre for yourself, you can be assured of a treatment or service that increases your well-being 

Who is Shehnaz?
I always had a sense of working in a way that helped people to feel good about themselves. As a young mother who wanted to stay home to look after her also, young family I decided that the way I could potentially achieve this goal was to train in beauty therapy. It was as a beauty therapist I discovered a real love and aptitude for massage. Somewhat naively, imagining that looking good on the outside was all it took to feel good, I soon discovered from personal experience that that, was not the case. It was at this point I began exploring and searching for answers to a million questions about philosophy, psychology and physical pain. Slowly, over time, answers came and a journey began and each time I thought I had reached the end of that journey, new paths and opportunities opened. I went from studying science  to an appreciation of the aesthetic, towards an understanding of the holistic till I began to dip my toes into the esoteric. Finally, I turned full circle back to my scientific roots, via clinical bodywork into the world of academia. 
My work has shown me that I have an ability, innate or otherwise for helping people. For lifting their mood, taking away their pain, promoting emotional calm and generally helping them to feel good. I took the business name from a patient who told me, after a treatment that she felt good, compared to how she felt when she first walked in. 
“Whatever is good for your soul, do that” is a mantra I have learned to live by, and its what I hope to encourage in others. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. Like anyone I juggle life, but I get to do a job I love by helping others feel good about themselves. 
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