On the 15th November 2018, The Feel Good Centre did a presentation for Bauer Media Ltd in Peterborough, as part of the companies thrive initiative for its employees. The presentation talked about colour healing. Colour healing at the feel good centre utilises the frequency of colours in hands on healing. Following the presentation, the audience were invited to take part in a meditation that involved the visualisation of colour. This was followed by a session of working in pairs to channel colour.

This image to the right shows the Chakra’s. Energy centres which exist as part of a being and and have a relationship to human physiology. A knowledge of colour healing can help an individual to use colour to positively impact a body which is dis-at-ease with itself. 

The image to the left, shows how Kirlian photography is able to pick up the aura around a person, helping to provide a picture of health on a physical or mental level. Kirlian photography is able to give a great deal more information. Just as colour is beautiful the world of colour frequency is equally wonderful within the realms of quantum physics.