Mental Health Therapy

i) Applied Positive Psychology:
Based on the work of Psychologist Martin Seligman, is an, ‘at ease’ method of working with a person’s psychological challenges that unlike the conventional ‘dis-ease’ model begins by identifying a persons strengths. Instead of dwelling on what ails us it uses interventions that walk us away from our troubles towards a future that looks brighter. It helps build resilience and coping mechanisms.
ii) Somato emotional Release:
Based on the work of  Medical Osteopath John Upledger, is a form of dialoguing that takes place in cranio-sacral therapy that addresses the root cause of our emotional barriers. At worst traumatic, at best cathartic this is development with the potential to deal with issues that originate in our past experiences in a way that encourages self awareness, reflection and lasting improvement to what ails the mind and body.

Physical Pain Therapy

At the centre, pain is addressed by a variety of approaches by manipulating different connective tissue. Connective tissue can  be like a thin membrane, soft and pliable. It can be thick and elastic like tendons and it can be strong and tensile like ligaments. The approaches may be Myofascial release therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, McTimoney Corley Spinal Therapy or Manual Lympahtic Drainage Massage. Remedial Therapeutic Massage.

Holistic Treatments

Can involve Aromatherapy, using pure 100% organic, undiluted essential oils that can impact physiology, emotion, psyche and helps delay the ageing process. Reflexology is a pressure point massage of the feet that originated in Egypt , encourages nerve and blood flow to aid health. Yoga uses postural work and meditation to alleviate stress. It tones and strengthens the body and mind, Colour Healing Therapy addresses individual energy centres housed within the Auric field of the body to affect healing in the body. Reiki is a term coined by the Japanese Dr Usui, and utilises what is known as universal life force to again address healing of the body. Indian Head Massage, uses a mixture of modern massage techniques together with energy work to alleviate stress and tension to promote sleep.

Beauty Treatments

Also available at the centre are a range of beauty treatments including a luxury facial that takes the concept of well-being through to cosmetic preparations that make use of 100% undiluted essential oils in natural organic bases, with zero preservatives. A variety of hair removal techniques are available and include threading, as another service.

The luxury hot stones treatment, offers a warming, soothing and relaxing break for both muscles and mind.