I have known Shehnaz for many years and over that time she has treated me for a number of injuries and conditions. Some of these treatments have been for relatively minor issues, others have been for more serious health/injury problems. I have always found her to be sympathetic to my needs, and her knowledge and integrity give me total confidence in her care. I am particularly indebted to Shehnaz for her treatment of the two items detailed below.

The first began ten years ago when I developed Raynaud’s Disease in one of my toes. For two winters it was ice-cold with severe swelling and ulceration. The traditional medical route finally advised me that my options were to cope with it as best I could or amputation. It was at this stage that I consulted Shehnaz who suggested that Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) might offer some positive results, as one of its benefits was increased blood flow to extremities. Improvement was visible after two treatments and after six the toe was almost fully recovered: it was a normal size and healthy colour, it was warm in temperature and the ulcerated area had healed. One of the peripheral benefits of the treatment was the overall improvement to my general body temperature – my fingers and toes were much warmer than they had been at any time during the previous fifteen years. The long-term benefits have been excellent – my toe continues to be fit and healthy, my body temperature has maintained its improvement (my fingers and toes are much warmer) and my maintenance programme is usually limited to four treatments a year in the coldest winter months.

The second significant item was in 2014: a sports injury to the sheaths attached to the tendons in my wrists. This injury was difficult to manage – initially I could not turn or twist either wrist without severe pain and I was unable to lift heavier household items. Over a period of time I received steroid injections (temporary relief), I worked with a sports therapist (limited improvement), and investigated the surgical procedure to correct the injury (dubious success rate). In despair of any real solution I referred the injury to Shehnaz and began a series of treatments. These, together with continued exercises on my part, have significantly improved my wrists. They are stronger (lifting heavier objects is in the main not a problem), they are more flexible and twist and turn with relative ease (however I do not anticipate that they will ever make a full 100% recovery), and they are much less painful (although I do have to manage their workload and treat them with continued care).

I consider that without Shehnaz’s treatments I would ultimately have had little choice but to accept the surgical procedure in both of the above instances. And I am confident that it is her knowledge across multiple disciplines and her client centred approach that makes her such an effective and successful practitioner.

I started sessions with Shehnaz to deal with pains in my lower back and legs. I also had low mood but I never considered treatment for this. Within a few weeks I was pain free. My work does create repetitive strain issues for me and so I chose to continue maintenance treatments to ensure the pain doesn’t get out of hand again. I started returning on a monthly basis, but eventually this lengthened to a visit every two months. If I want to, I can return more frequently, but it doesn’t feel necessary and Shehnaz has given me exercises to do and things to consider to help strengthen my back. During the treatments Shehnaz would ask me how I was feeling and I was able to talk about concerns and general negative thought patterns that I would be dealing with and she would try to get me to think in different ways. Initially this didn’t come naturally, but she would set me little projects or bits of homework and slowly I started to think and feel differently and eventually life stopped feeling so much about doom and gloom.

Today, I can honestly say life feels better. I have things to look forward to and I am happier. Opportunities have opened up and I am beginning to run with those opportunities. Shehnaz used positive psychology to get me to look inside myself and come up with my own answers. She didn’t stop just because the pain in my body eased, she cared enough to go a bit deeper.  She tells me she wants to bring well-being to people in many different ways. That mentality seems to have helped me so perhaps it can help others.

I have been fortunate to know Shehnaz for over two decades and during this time I have experienced quality care and help with health for managing muscular pain and sinusitis issues.

I have also received superb treatment for hot stone massage, Indian head massage, reflexology to name a few treatments I have experienced.

I have also found during the appointment Shehnaz has great knowledge for understanding a person for the individual they are. There are times the understanding is on a greater level to offer support when required.

On the beauty side, I have tried manicures and facials and these are of highest quality with quality and effective products used.

Moving forward I will be trying other treatments for pamper and wellbeing. Most treatments there are solutions for homecare in between appointments that work in conjunction with the treatment provided at Shehnaz’s salon.